Vision and Mission

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Corporate Vision

The exellent leading retailer and e-tailer (online retailer) in ASEAN


Customer is the most valuable asset of the Company


  • Be right, transparent, fair, and enhance the working
  • atmosphere with joy, happiness and well life quality


  • To develop and integrated the new technology to the business management
  • To develop and enhance the staff’s learning continuously
  • Respect and make a good relationship to the customers
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement system to the customers
  • Respect to social and environment

Business Strategies

  • Initiate the high technology and knowledge to the use of internal process and to service the customers
  • Apply e-Learning to practice the Company’s human resources
  • Apply the Relation Management to the customers and suppliers
  • Customer is the learning center for the Company’s sustainable development
  • Launch the modern technology to increase the potential of procurement system to the customers such as e-procurement and e-Community Commerce
  • Participate in social development and environment protection