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Overall business operation

Product Features

COL Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries operate
three main businesses. They are

  1. "Officemate" A fully-integrated retail business offering top-notched office- related equipment and services
  2. "B2S" A retail business offering stationery and art supplies, books, learning and recreation equipment, as well as other lifestyle products

Details to each business are described below :

OfficeMate Business

Distributes office supplies, electronics and furniture. Its main customers are corporate customers and business operators. Products can be categorized into 4 groups as follows

1. Stationary & Office Supplies

  • Writing and Correction - gel pens, ballpoint pens, pencil, erasable markers, correction tape, erasers, etc.
  • Office Stationary - stapler, staple gun, scissors, letter opener, cutter, identification chest card, rubber stamp, postbox glue, taping and packing.
  • Paper, Pad and Envelop - copy paper, color card paper, continuous paper, carbon paper, transparency sheet, writing pad, certificate of merit, invoice, swindle sheet, envelope and sticker label.
  • Filling and Storage - briefcase, box file, ring binder, plastic folder, paper box , clipboard and cabinet.
  • Canteen and Cleaning - tea, coffee, instant drinks, teapot, tin opener, pail, jug, dustbin, mat, glasses, plates, spoons, teaspoons, cooler, glass clean carwash shampoo, smile dish clean, detergent, air-freshener, mosquito-repellent, broom and mop, vacuum cleaner.
2. Office Electronics

  • Conference and Presentation - electronic boards, laminating pouch films, punch and binding machine.
  • Office Electronics - calculators, cash register, telephone, facsimile, copy machine, dry battery, flashlight, bill counter, banknote counter, water cooler, microphone and vacuum bottle.
3. Office Furniture & Others

  • Office Furniture - chair, office desk, computer desk, locker, bookshelf, counter, kitchen furniture, safe, etc.
  • Factory and Maintenance - adjustable wrenches, combination cutting pliers, measurement tape, hammer, safety helmet, handgun sealing packaging, stair, wheelbarrow, handcart.

* Remark: In 2015, Officemate' revenue structure had changed due to change in Canteen and Cleaning product that have been reclassify from Stationery and Office Supplies to Furniture and Others

4. Service

  • Complete printing solution services including name cards, rubber stamps, leaflets, etc. The Company also provides ready-made templates. Free delivery is possible when placing an order more than Baht 499.
  • Furniture layout design service for office furniture.
  • Pack & post service to distribute packing materials and provide nationwide delivery.
  • Premium & customized gifts and souvenirs.

Moreover, the Company has its own private brand products known as ONE, Sunvo, eSmart, and Furradec to give customers various choices of good products. Products include office supplies, cleaning products, electronics, small electronic appliance and office furniture such as papers, pens, floor cleaning detergent, telephone cables, cabinets, office desks, and meeting tables. Moreover, the Company has the distribution rights to accredited brands of executive chairs, such as Lazboy, Serta, Workpro and Elle d├ęcor.

B2S Business:

Is a retail distributor of books and learning instrument as well as lifestyle and entertainment products, learning materials, stationery and art, home office products, and entertainment media such as DVDs, Blu-ray movies and music CDs. Lifestyle products for include products that appeal to specific groups, such as traveler and designer products.

Products can be classified into three groups as follow,

1. Stationery and Art

  • Notebooks, stationery, writing equipment.
  • Products for home office use include filing and storage, staple machine and scissors.
  • Art consists of water color, acrylic color, oil paint, canvas, easel, clay and crafting items.
  • Other products include gift wrapping paper, bow, gift box and cards.
2. Books

  • Consists of various genres, such as science fiction, novel, beauty and health, religion, linguistics and business management, psychology and motivation, self-improvement, fortunetelling, mom and children, documentary, youth, comic, learning and development, sports, royal inscriptions, as well as foreign books.
  • Electronic books (e-books) are sold via mobile application developed by MEB Corporation Co., Ltd., which consists of comic, computer, biography, travel, business, investment, mom and children, novel, home decoration, Thai history, home and motor vehicles, magazines, etc.
3. Lifestyle

  • Products specific to unique lifestyles, such as backpack, GPS device, camera and DVR, car and bike camera for travelers, as well as wearable devices and gadgets for health-conscious customers.
  • Home and office DIY decorative products.
  • Entertainment media, such as DVD and Blu Ray movies, cartoons, concerts, music CDs and vinyl records, collection sets, gifts, movie posters, and musical instruments such as ukulele.
4. Learning & Development

  • Toys, books, and interactive outlets that help the learning of children at various age.
  • Printed media to support imagination and cognitive development of children.
  • Learning multimedia, such as CD, to help with the linguistic proficiencies in children.

Structure of The Company and its subsidiaries